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Some ten years ago Jos and I had this little living room restaurant named Our House that was the talk of the town. At that time there wasn't much in Borgerhout. The concept was simple, we offered one menu a day and it was all vegetarian. No choices! No meat! We didn't make it easy on ourselves, but people kept coming. They liked the food, and I guess they liked us. Sadly after one year, we had to close. 


Little did we know Our House would plant the seed for something different.


A few years ago, after many years into my journey of searching, discovering, falling, and getting back up again, the time felt right! After closing Our House we told ourselves that one day we might do it all again, same but different. We had no idea it would be so close to the place where it all started, literally, our house.


And so Hook was born! A small place that feels like home, but only this time not actually in our living room. A place that reflects who we are, what we care about, what we value, what we produce... A spot any neighbourhood would be happy to have, but Borgerhout particularly was waiting for. A space that welcomes everyone, where people gather, get to know each other, or might even become friends.


Hook is a tribute to Our House, and to charmingly misspelled predecessor “Desteny” that paved the way. With a “Hoek af”, as we say here in Borgerhout, so not perfect, but with a huge heart to welcome you.

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